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Nanna's Lied "Nanna's Lied": Kim and pianist/keyboardist Lauri Conger performed a duo concert at the Lakehead University Centre Theatre in 1985 that included their original songs and music by Kurt Weill.
(Photographer: William Lindsay)
A Journey Through Mozart's Magic Flute "A Journey Through Mozart's Magic Flute": Kim and actor/singer William Roberts created a family theatre show for the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra in 1992, in collaboration with music director Glenn Mossop. Repertoire included Mozart arias, Prokofieff's Peter and the Wolf and Kim's own kalimba song "Hickory Dickory". Costume design Jennifer Garrett.
(Photographer: Jennifer Garrett)
Duet in the stairwell     "Duet": Kim gives an impromptu acapella performance of jazz standard "Honeysuckle Rose" in the stairwell at a friend's birthday party, 1992.
(Photographer: Bob Ewing)
Embraceable You     "Embraceable You": this moment captured from an appearance by Kim, accompanied by Jamie Philp, at the Aids Committee of Thunder Bay annual cabaret, 1994. (Photographer William Lindsay)
Kim at piano "The Woman of Valour": from a concert of original repertoire with Rodney Brown, Damon Dowbak and Joe Phillips at the Lakehead Unitarian Fellowship, 2003. (Photographer Bruce Hyer)
Kim after a concert "La Vie En Rose": Kim at the Madhouse in Thunder Bay, after her cabaret program with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra conducted by Geoffrey Moull in 2007. (Photographer Damon Dowbak)
Kim in photoshoot "Come With Me To Lunenburg": "...and kiss the beauty as it flies, then turn into the sunrise..."
Kim poses for a photo shoot. (Photographer Lori Fox Rossi)
"10,000 Miles": Canto (Sage Reynolds, Kim Erickson and Damon Dowbak), just before they went on to perform a fundraising concert for Northwestern Ontario Writers Workshop (NOWW) at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery in 2009. (Photographer Alastair MacKay)
Dancing "Dancing on Salt 'n Snow": this is a scene from an inter-arts performance creation by Broken Moons Artist Collective. Here, members of the collective, Eleanor Albanese, Claudia Otto and Kim Erickson, depict the bittersweet departure of three of their ancestors who immigrated from Europe to Canada. Thunder Bay Art Gallery, 2010. (Photographer Paula Thiessen)
Kim in black and white "the intention, the blue": Kim reflects upon an upcoming recording project, 1984. (Photographer Estella Howard)
Carmen Miranda "The Copacabana": this whimsical photo depicts Kim as the fruit basket bedecked Carmen Miranda at the 1995 Aids Thunder Bay cabaret with "The Copeless Girls" (Dawn LoCelso, Joanne Books and Kim Sjolund). (Photographer William Roberts)
"Song of the Moldau":
an appearance at a community event, the 1988 Citizens Against Free Trade rally, with singers William Roberts, Debbie Patterson and Jennifer Garrett.
(Photographer William Lindsay)
Raven landing "Dark Is The Raven's Wing": "...and the light strikes the raven's wing, my love flies by its side...."
A pose for the design of Kim's album 'The Raven's Wing' - with large feathered friend!
(Photographer: Alan Dickson)
Kim Concert "How Big Is Your Heart":
Kim performing Joe Phillips' orchestrations of her songs with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra, 2007.
(Photographer: Tony Carfagnini)

Other Photos: Lori Fox Rossi (banner photo), Estella Howard (background).
Kim Erickson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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