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CD cover The Raven's Wing by Kim Erickson: this collection of Kim's most recent songs features magnificent string arrangements by Joe Phillips, stunning performances by some of Canada's top players and Kim's own richly recorded vocals and singular piano; Celtic folk/classical fusion wrapped around evocative storytelling lyrics (2015, Route 61 Music).

Produced by Danny Greenspoon.
Recorded and mixed at The DriveShed, Toronto.
Mastered by Wreckhouse Mastering.

Musicians: Joe Phillips, Drew Jurecka, Amy Laing, Damon Dowbak, Roisin and Lesya Roberts.
Artwork/Graphic Design: Sè! (Silvia Marchetti and Elena Mancini).

CD is available directly from Kim (for $23.99 tax incl. plus $5 shipping). Buy now (with Pay Pal) or contact Kim to order.

Watch the "Come All You Fair Ones" music video.

the intention the blue

the intention, the blue by Kim Erickson: 25th Anniversary release (re-mastered for cd!): this timeless gem features Kim's playful, soulful layered vocals, keyboard and thumb piano accompaniments, and the scintillating percussion work of Miche Pouliot; the songs range from Kim's early original work to unique arrangements of blues and jazz classics (1987/2012, Firewalk Studio).

Photo: Estella Howard.
Graphic design:www.bluesnowimaging.com

Digital downloads available from iTunes.

CDs available for $19.99 tax incl. plus $5 shipping. Buy now (with Pay Pal) or Contact Kim to order.

Click here for a review of the CD as published in the January '13 issue of the Walleye, 'Thunder Bay's arts & culture alternative'.
Thank you to the Walleye for the opportunity to feature their review on this website.

Cover Away Away by Kim Erickson: a diverse collection of Kim's songs and arrangements for voice with piano and thumb piano accompaniment on themes of love, children and joy (2000, Firewalk Studio).

Producer: Ian Tamblyn.
Musicians: Fred Guignion, Ken Kanwisher, Marion Linton, Rebecca Campbell, Peter Von Althen and Tracy Holmes.
Artwork:Eleanor Albanese.
Graphic design/art production: Vesa Peltonen/Aki Peltonen.

Digital downloads available from iTunes.

CDs available for $21.99 tax incl. plus $5 shipping. Buy Now (with PayPal) or Contact Kim to order.

Canto Canto acoustic original vocal and instrumental music by Kim Erickson (voice/piano), Damon Dowbak (mandolin/mandocello/guitar) and Sage Reynolds (double bass), with world music and jazz influences, (2008).

Listen to 10,000 miles on YouTube.

Background vocals for recordings by:
Ian Tamblyn (folk, rock): Dance Me Outside (1982), Closer To Home (1977), Ian Tamblyn (1976);
Sneezy Waters (country, folk/rock): (You've Got) Sawdust On The Floor Of Your Heart (1978);
Heaven's Radio (reggae, blues): Uptown Babies (1981);
Bruce Hansen (folk, rock, country): Controlled Burn (2006).


Besame Mucho: choreographed by Edgar Zendejas (www.ezdanza.com, Montreal) for LU aig + c lecture series.
Singer/dancer in workshop presentation, Finlandia Hall, Thunder Bay (2011).

Dancing on Salt ’n Snow
: inter-arts theatre co-creation, Broken Moons Artist Collective (Eleanor Albanese, Kim Erickson, Claudia Otto).
Composer/actor/singer/musician/dancer in workshop presentation, Thunder Bay Art Gallery (2010). Have a look on YouTube for a promotional video.

For more information, contact Kim.

Back to Bones: music and movement performance piece co-creation with dancer Gioia Gehrels.
Voice, percussion, movement and mime, Thunder Bay Fringe Festival (1999).

Water Over Stones: music soundtrack for the radio drama by Patricia Ludwick.
Composer and performer of voice/percussion score.
Commissioned, recorded and broadcast by CBC Vancouver, nationally and to Australia (1996).

The Body Image Project by Eleanor Albanese: music score for voices and piano (1992). Composer and music director, New Creations Theatre and Magnus Theatre, Thunder Bay and region, Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon.

Alone by Patricia Ludwick: music score for flute, voice and percussion. Composer, music director and vocalist/musician, Workshop West Theatre, Edmonton (1987); Kam Theatre Co., Thunder Bay (1985).


The Hoito Project: featured artist and composer in a documentary feature film by Shebandowan Films, Thunder Bay, (2007), about jazz guitar legend Jukka Tolonen and his band Cool Train's visit to Thunder Bay from Finland in 2006.
DVD is available from Shebafilms, view excerpts on You Tube: Excerpt 1 (4:22) and Excerpt 2 (1:14).

Many People of Song: music for a short documentary film by Sonja Obljubek, Toronto (2005), about Thunder Bay cross-cultural choir, Global Rhythm, formed and directed by Kim. See the short film on Vimeo.
The instructional booklet ”Singing For Our Lives: How To Create A Culturally Diverse Community Choir” by Kim Erickson is available through Kim.
For more information, contact her.

Celebrate!: vocalist/performer and music composer for a music video by Sonja Obljubek, Toronto (1992). Assisting background vocals by Tara O'Brien and the Women's Balkan Choir of Thunder Bay, music commissioned by the Women's Health Information Network, Thunder Bay.
See the short film on Vimeo.


Musicworks: The Canadian Journal of Sound Explorations
Issue 31, Spring 1985, Women Voicing, interviewed by Tina Pearson, featuring "Pick It Up" composed and sung by Kim accompanying herself on thumb piano, Miche Pouliot percussion.
Order back issues from www.musicworks.ca.

Issue 36, Summer 1986, Rocks and Water, interviewed by Tina Pearson, featuring excerpts from 'March', a music performance piece co-created with playwright William Roberts, including ”Kay-oh-mee” composed and sung by Kim and "Màpt" musique concrète tape piece by Kim.
Order back issues from www.musicworks.ca.

Other Photos: Lori Fox Rossi (banner photo), Estella Howard (background).
Kim Erickson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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