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Praise For The Raven's Wing
Photo Kim

"Canadian singer Kim Erickson’s new album is a delicate gem suffused with romance and nostalgia. The Raven’s Wing’s reading of the folk genre follows the boundaries of contemporary classical music, or rather its more ‘pop’ inflection. Here, melodies adorned with rich string arrangements and Erickson’s voice find their way to the listener’s heart. She interprets the songs with great expression and the sort of theatric gusto that evokes the musical…. The Raven’s Wing is Kim Erickson’s wonderful path in search of herself between past, present and future. A sailor, a traveller full of joy, with an open heart and a free soul.” - Giacomo Baroni / Jamonline.it (Italy)

"Lightness, the female experience, nostalgia. [Kim Erickson] weaves a soft and thoughtful embrace of acoustic and classical elements without ever losing the thread of the melody. The Raven's Wing blends a self-assured focus with the courage of folk song, elevating it to noble status." - Donato Zoppo / Rockerilla (Italy)

"Poetic and romantic, the songs feature a nod to grand Gaelic ballads. The emotional path introduces us to characters fair and tender, with hearts strong enough to make sorrows drop away. Love is equal to, and another element here, standing strong in the wind, traveling long journeys on the sea, growing new with springtime. The language is modern, but the form is that of centuries past; "Dark is the raven's wing/My love is darker still.” Erickson is joined by double-bassist Joe Phillips, who also arranged the string section of Drew Jurecka (violin) and Amy Laing (cello), and in yeoman service, provides the inspired classical guitar in the middle of the collection, for Woman of Valour and Come All Your Fair Ones, the latter a new arrangement of the traditional song. These two songs share more than the guitar; they are the plucky centerpiece to the album, songs of great strength amidst the swirling emotions, letting us know these are not lightweight hearts or songs, just beautiful ones, the strongest ones of course." - Bob Mersereau / the top 100 Canadian singles (Canada)

"Kim Erickson’s art draws inspiration from the American songwriting tradition but also from her Celtic roots, favouring musical textures that could be defined as quasi-symphonic and every so often revealing her jazz influences. But primarily, it is her remarkable mezzo soprano voice that brings out the classical hallmarks of the repertory, rendering it timeless." - Federico Guglielmi/Audio Review (Italy)

Thanks to her rich mezzo soprano tones, the ecstatic lyricism of Kim Erickson's songs becomes pure poetry." -Maurizio Iorio/RAI Televideo (Italy)

"Kim Erickson pays tribute to her mother's Scottish roots with an album of Celtic folk. "10.000 Miles" is a beautiful song with a clear vocal and a lovely instrumentation. "Full Fathom Five" takes Shakespeare's text from "The Tempest" and the music's by folk legend Pete Seeger. The results are striking, Erickson singing at the top of her game. It's a sad and lovely track. "Woman of Valour" sees her make a traditional song of her own, and it works beautifully. Her soprano voice is well-suited for the material. "Gaelic Blessing" is a trad lyric set to a gorgeous melody that works well. It's an amazing album." - Anna Maria Stjärnell / Luna Kafé (Sweden)

"The Canadian Kim Erickson (Ontario) delights us with a wonderful folk album. Erickson’s clear mezzo soprano voice intrigues the listener with ten beautiful songs written by herself, strongly influenced by her childhood impressions gleaned from the spacious landscapes of Northern Ontario. Absolute must for folk fans!" - Muziekwereld (Holland)

"With The Raven’s Wing, Kim Erickson takes us on a journey back through time, retying the threads of tradition that indissolubly connect [North] America and Britain, and in so doing produces a fresco full of musical lyricism and poetic life." - Salvatore Esposito / Blogfoolk (Italy)

"Kim’s songs are like the landscapes of the soul exposed to the stress of weather and seasons. The artist positions herself within the traditionalist branch of classic folk music, but full of surprises that reward careful listeners." - Andrea Trevaini / Il Buscadero (Italy)

"[The songs on The Raven’s Wing album] are dramatic, beautiful, and fully realized. .… The sound … is immaculate - producer Danny Greenspoon has framed Erickson’s perfect pitch in a spare but sumptuous sound and has brought out the best in her. There is so much talent on display here that the album requires a couple of plays to absorb it all." - Gord Ellis / The Walleye (Canada)

The songs, intense and pleasantly timeless, drown you in their power, as if on a dinghy in the shape of a piano surrounded by a tempest of strings."Carlo Babando / Blow Up (Italy)

Through The Years

"Erickson’s voice shapes words like a fine calligrapher would carefully space a poem.... [10,000 Miles] is a haunting piece, and it was given a bravura performance.... The depth and breadth of Erickson’s repertory is frankly astonishing.” - Michael Sobota, Chronicle-Journal, 11/21/07

She has a warm sensual voice, a powerful theatrical presence and an accessible personality that won over the audience wholeheartedly.”- Colleen Gibson, CJ, 11/13/03

Kim Singing

Listening to Kim’s lyrics is like hearing an intricate story. Your mind builds a scenario and fills in the image... The songs are both joyful and serious, always poetic. Her extraordinary voice brings pleasure....” - Jolene Davis, CJ, 07/05/03

Kim Erickson proved to be the belle of the ball.... The obvious passion [she] brought to the performance...earned [her] the warmest, lengthiest applause of the evening. Several members of the audience could be heard to remark how amazed they were at the power of Erickson’s voice.” - Paul Acree, CJ, 10/25/01

’Away’ is...another outstanding achievement by Erickson.” - Brent Linton, CJ, 09/23/00

Erickson marveled the crowd with her semi-impersonations of [Jacques Brel and Edith Piaf]....She was the alter ego of Piaf and Brel, dressing in character....Her talent is a feather in Thunder Bay’s cap to be able to call her home-grown.” - Marla Tomlinson, Thunder Bay Post, 12/15/00

Erickson�s music/sound score...performed live by her, is magical and compelling....This is a deeply imaginative and spiritual accomplishment.”- John Charles, Edmonton Sun, 01/19/97

”Kim Erickson’s mezzo-soprano voice...had a sweet, fluid timbre....An excellent musician who acts with the voice....” - Rita Ubriaco, CJ, 03/16/93

Clear, resonant..., Kim had the audience mesmerized.” - Ottawa Revue, 05/15/78

From Fellow Artists

Kim, your song gave me shivers. We could feel the river moving in the aisles. At the end, with the lighting behind you, Kim... your singular body on stage & the singing drum ... wow! Very nice to have told the story of the waters meeting as a prelude to this musical experience - powerful.Dianne Potts, 12/06/11

Away back cover photo  ”Kim � Just had a listen to your album...very, very impressive! (...) ’Away’ (...) - what a ’feminine’ song; it was beautiful, rich, and delicate. You have a wonderful voice � so ’feminine’, refreshing and ’real’. As I listened to subsequent songs it took me on a journey with you � good songs should � especially when they are so much a part of the artist as your material is, so deeply personal � nothing pretentious.
This is good stuff; each song was a well painted picture, crafted and framed with emotion and tender loving care...”

- Darrell Swanson, 30/05/11

The arrangements are rich, the songs chose their moment in time like a ballerina taking her first step. ’How Big is Your Heart’ - I'm just stunned, what a beautiful song.... The song and the voice just capture an armful of a passing storm.”
”Away...your voice, just shining...moments when song and form and harmony and voice fit together - Away does that. And I like the green shoes.
David Theriault, 25/05/09

Photos: Lori Fox Rossi (banner and piano photos), Estella Howard (background).
Kim Erickson, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
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